Webinar 1 - Stress: The Cause of Disease

Whenever we have a challenge, the adrenals work harder to support us through the stress and strain.  The causes can be physical, anything from a workout to a major illness; or, they can be emotional such as worrying about how to survive or how to cope with a sick family member.  Even jubilation can tax us a bit, but, of course, the pleasure tends to offset some of the less pleasant side effects.  The first step is to understand what stress is and we are affected by it.  The second is to recognize that our unique vulnerabilities affect how stressful a situation feels to us.  Another person may experience similar issues but not be as reactive to those issues, but that person is sure to have other sensitivities.  The third step is to identify patterns and life styles, including attitudinal positions, and to search for ways to live in more harmony.

Live Webinar Date: 9 April 2023, 2:00 pm  PDT

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Webinar 2 - External Stressors

We live in a world in which there are many factors beyond our control that affect us.  These include a constant barrage of electromagnetic emanations, everything from Wi-Fi to Smart Meters and surveillance devices. We are also exposed to chemtrails and nuclear radiation and noxious odors.  The sense of smell is basic to our survival and it is affected by air pollution and synthetic substances in everything from our personal care products to our clothing. In addition, many people are jobless or homeless or displaced because of famine or war.  The list is endless, and we are all vulnerable to some extent. Learning how to minimize stressful intrusions on our auras and psyches can sometimes mean the difference between health and illness.

Live Webinar Date: 16 April 2023, 2:00 pm PDT

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Webinar 3 - Adrenal Herbs

When we are stressed, we have instinctive reactions that are related to the fight or flight mechanism. Some people are heavy achievers, confident, and determined to prevail over challenges.  These people need herbs that help them to maintain the stamina necessary for their life styles.  Other people want to run and hide. They feel vulnerable and anxious and need more support for their nerves.  In short, not everyone is the same and needs also change.  Understanding options and nuances will help people to make better choices.

Live Webinar Date: 23 April 2022, 2:00 pm PDT

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Webinar 4 - Life Style Adjustments

Rhythm and balance are the keys to equilibrium and a less stressful existence. Obviously, no one can address all the unique ways to achieve such poise, but there are, in fact, numerous psychospiritual practices that contribute to a more peaceful state of mind and calmness of spirit.  It does, of course, help if one can identify what can and cannot be managed.  For instance, many of us multitask, but this interferes with concentration and focus as well as the need for deep integration.  Organizing so that there are mindless interludes between efforts can make the difference between agitation and equanimity.  There are many such tips and these will be shared in this webinar.

Webinar Date: 30 April 2023, 2:00 pm PDT

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