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  • Mid-Life Tune Up Program - Level 1

    The Mid-Life Tune Up Program was conceived in early to mid-1980s when many young adults were caring for parents with Alzheimer's disease or other infirmities, some of which had early warning signs that either went unnoticed or that were not addressed successfully.  The "Tune Up" part of the program references the maintenance most of us perform reoutinely for our cars and appliances but not for our bodies.  The Mid-Life part requires very little explanation except to say that we live in a very toxic world where our water is contaminated with chemicals and our food is nutrient-deficient and sometimes even carcinogenic.  Thus, the idea of the  program is that we will go through each system of the body and tweak what needs adjustments. The course is intended to be participatory, not academic.  People will apply the material to themselves and use the forum to exchange experiences with others.  It goes slowly because we want to complete one tune up before tackling the next.  The program can be used for those wishing to live in a more healthy manner as well as those who plan to do Kaya Kalpa at a later date.


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  • First Chakra: Tuning Up the Eliminatory Channels

    We begin with detoxification of the channels of elimination. It is not perhaps the easiest place to start, but it is essential so we have to put aside our manners and address how the lower intestines work and what is critical to their health. The pleasant part of this is that the skin will benefit by the effort we make on the more private parts of our bodies. There are two stages to this part of the Tune Up: (1) Detoxification and (2) Tonification. Exactly how long each part takes depends on the starting point, but a deeper understanding of the measures available to us may shorten the distance between start and finish. Stated another way: without the tools imparted in this lesson, regaining proper function could take years. Hopefully, most people will feel they have achieved their goals within two-to-four months.

    Course Date: 3 December 2022, 3:00 pm PST

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  • First Chakra: Fear and Trust

    While implementing the physical measures relating to the first chakra, we will also take up several emotional issues. The first will involve the issues of trust because this stabilizes the chakra. The simplest aphorism might be something along the lines of "Nothing will happen that my soul has not already agreed to allow."  However, we are not looking for mantras but rather core values and attitudes that either give us the control we need and want or teach us to develop the resiliency to cope with what we cannot avoid.  This process involves awareness and attitudes as well as individual beliefs and values.

    Course Date: 31 January 2023, 3:00 pm PST

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  • First Chakra: Parasite Cleanse

    Though not everyone has parasites, it behooves us to recognize that they exist. The ones who should perhaps be more suspicious about parasites are people who have traveled, especially to tropical countries. Those who work on farms or in animal shelters, people who take their pets to dog parks, and those who handle raw animal products such as fish should hold open the possibility that infection could have occurred. Symptoms of bowel irregularity, irritable bowel syndrome, and alternating constipation and diarrhea are also potentially linked to parasite infection.  The herbs are harmless if not needed, but perhaps precious if needed.

    Course Date: 18 March 2023, 3:00 pm PST

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  • First Chakra: Negative Emotions

    There are positive and negative emotions associated with each chakra. Some of these operate below the level of consciousness. Some come out in unpleasant ways.  The most common emotion that is driven by the first chakra is fear, but there are others such as excessive emphasis on material well-being that is sometimes attended by hoarding or greed.  There can also be predatory emotions, such as attempts to dominate others that might correlate to personal security issues. Resistance is another very common first chakra issue and it can result in stubbornness, intransigence, and refusal to entertain new ideas. However, the worst might be toxic behavior in general that might be colored by offensive language or disrespectful attitudes. The goal of this part of the course is to identify these emotions and find more appropriate ways to express oneself.

    Course Date: To be announced

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  • The First Chakra: Rhythm and Balance

    The first chakra must support incarnate life.  Understanding its requirements helps to make life more stable.  This need not interfere with creativity. The purpose is predictability that spans both the ordinary and extraordinary. How many hours do we spend each month looking for something we misplaced, repairing or replacing what is broken, including relationships?  Everyone's needs are just slightly different so we will try to cover some of the points that make life less frantic and easier on the nerves.

    Course Date: To be announced

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