This webinar will include many photographic images of white blood cells showing how they respond to various toxins, prescription medications, infections, and herbal treatment.  Everything from mercury to EMF and nuclear radiation will be addressed in a series of three presentations.

The presenter, Dr. Ingrid Naiman, has had the unique experience of studying the actions of herbs on patients with a variety of health conditions.  She has been able to observe the responses of immune cells to the herbs and has formulated many herbal remedies to correct conditions such as metal toxicity, mold infections, damage to cells from radiation, parasitic diseases, and nutritional deficiencies.  Understanding the nuances will help people to tweak their approaches to optimum health.


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Certificate Students

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Webinar 1 - Causes of Immune Weakness

The immune system faces many challenges, internal and external. White blood cells are extremely fragile and require almost perfect conditions in order to perform their work.  They are sensitive to toxins of every type: chemical and metallic.  They are also sensitive to pH balance and frequencies, such as electromagnetic fields and nuclear radiation.  Understanding the perils that undermine them is the first step towards boosting the efficiency of the system that protects us from danger.

Live Webinar Date: 23 September 2023, 3:00 pm PDT

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Webinar 2 - How to Nourish White Blood Cells

The term "immune boosting" is widely used, but what exactly does it mean?  White blood cells are actually alive and they require nutrients as well as assistance in recovering from the hazards of ingesting toxic substances. This webinar will introduce participants to the extraordinary work of these incredible cells and show exactly how they respond to different herbal nutrients.

Live Webinar Date: 30 September 2023, 3:00 pm PDT

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