Parasite Cleansing

Anyone can contract a parasite infection, but the risks are much higher when living in or visiting the tropics, when having contact with animals, and when bitten by insects. Since the beginning of time, more people have died of malaria than any other illness, war, or natural disaster.  Understanding the risks and the measures necessary for protection and treatment will help millions of people to live healthier lives.  In this series of three webinars, the modes of infection, types of infection, bodily sites most likely to infiltrated by parasites, and the protocols for resolving infection will be discussed.  There will be downloadable material and access to herbal remedies for parasitic infections. Please note that this webinar series is a prerequisite for series on Detoxification.


Auditors have access to all materials. The prepayment fee is $12. After 30 September 2018, it is $18.

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Certificate Students

Certificate students take quizzes and submit a paper. Then, there is an interview. The fee is $150.

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Webinar 1 - Parasites: Modes of Infection

The first webinar covers the different types of parasites and modes of infection. Every parasitic infection is different but there are overlapping symptoms between the various types of infections. The typical modes of infection are ingestion or insect bites, but a few types are transmissible between species or between infected individuals. Understanding the risks and taking proper precautionary measures, especially when traveling, is the first step, but there are also periodic cleanses that one can do regardless of whether or not there are any known infections.

Launches Webinar Date: 14 July 2019, 10:30 am PDT

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Webinar 2 - Blood Parasites

This webinar addresses blood parasites, including malarial type parasites that are inside erythrocytes and other parasites can move in the plasma. Many also circulate through the lymphatic system and can reach any area of the body. Infected individuals may have acute symptoms whereas others may be unaware of the presence and risk of infections. The protocols for treating these conditions will be discussed in user-friendly language.

Launches Webinar Date: 21 July 2019, 10:30 am PDT

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Webinar 3 - Herbal Parasite Cleanses

This session will cover visible parasites, i.e., those that are not microscopic. These typically start in the gastrointestinal tract, but being mobile, they can migrate almost anywhere. They are foragers so they go where there is something to eat. Females can lay tens of thousands of eggs per day so there can be nests and babies, meaning that even after the adults have been removed from the system, infections can recur. There are many protocols for addressing these parasites and rotation is often an effective strategy. The various approaches, how and why they work, reproductive cycles, recurrence, and pros and cons of each strategy will be explained and participants will be able to ask questions.

Launches Webinar Date: 28 July 2019, 10:30 am PDT

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