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Astrology of Healing

The system of Astrology of Healing involves four pillars:  Stress, the Elements, Lunar Consciousness, and Astroendocrinology.  There are three levels, equivalent more or less to a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences, a master's degree, and a doctoral degree.

Level One is the most purely astrological and includes the first two pillars and two years of study. Stress is something every astrologer learns to recognize, but that stress is not necessarily interpreted in terms of health.  The material in the first year dates back to the 1970s when lecturing and publishing on squares and later stress in general.  Stress: The Cause of Disease was first published in 1983 and went through several editions.  It is not currently in print.  In addition to aspects, many traditional as well as original concepts are covered in the first year such as Benefics and Malefics, the First Wound, the latitude of the Moon, Planetary Groups, and The Qualities in relationship to stress management and methods of adaptation.  There is also a bonus lesson on Rectification to help people to be sure they are using the correct horoscopes before diving into interpretation.  

The second pillar addresses the elements. The has 10 lessons that cover each of the four elements in relationship to constitutional balance and temperament.  The next six lessons involve conflicts between the elements such as fire and water or water and air.  There are covered in the second year of the course.

Students can enroll as auditors or certificate students.  Auditors have access to the lessons, webinars, and forum, but they are mute, meaning they cannot ask questions or post to the forum.  Certificate students submit homework based on the material in the lessons.  In most cases, they will be using their own horoscopes as the main subject matter, but often they will be required to study one or more others such as family members, friends, or clients.   At the end of each major threshold, certificate candidates will be required to present a paper.  It should be 25-40 pages, very carefully researched, edited, and formatted properly. It will be published on this web site to tell the world that you have met the requirements for a diploma. The copyrights as well as the right to reproduce, market, and publish the paper will, of course, belong to the author, but the original will be published on this site as is the custom with many similar academic institutions. There is an extra charge of $150 for overseeing the paper.

The estimated relaunch date for this course is 2024.  Interested persons can register with the Academy and will be notified when enrollment opens.  Those who were previously enrolled will receive full credit for their payments and homework when transferring to this new platform.

The Astrology of Healing - Year 1

The Astrology of Healing,  Level One

Level One is the equivalent of an undergraduate major in Medical Astrology.  You can think of the prequisites as the freshman and sophomore years in which you learn the vocabulary and meanings of the signs, planets, houses, aspects, and calculations for the natal and progressed charts and perhaps a little bit more such as astronomy and details about precession of the equinoxes and the reason we have both sidereal and tropical positions for each planet and sign. 

By the junior and senior years, you prepare for a career.  Compare the junior year to the interpretation of stress in all the various ways that stress is shown such as hard aspects, relationships to malefics, 12th house placements, and new techniques such as the first wound and astrological interpretations of psychological stress tests.

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The Astrology of Healing - Year 2

In the senior year, the emphasis is on the elements.  First the elements are given a modern interpretation and examined in relationship to constitutional type and temperament.  Then, the conflicts are interpreted.  If, for instance, we take the cross as a basic stressful pattern, we see that not only are the aspects hard, but each sign is of a different element so the second year has four lessons that focus on each of the elements and six that deal with the conflicts of the elements.

Level One is therefore the equivalent of two years of intense study.  The course will be taught live once.  After that, only published versions will be available.

Students should make sure that before starting the course, their charts are rectified and thoroughly tested for accuracy. There is a pdf that can be downloaded once registration for the course is completed.  Rectification is arguably the most difficult technical challenge of astrology so many people will need help verifying that the chart is accurate.

Certificate students must submit a term paper of approximately 25-40 pages that deals specifically with the material in the first two years.  There is an extra charge for overseeing this process. Completion should be regarded as the equivalent of a B.A. in Medical Astrology and those who pass will be announced on the Academy website.

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