Many people today are aware of the need for periodic detoxification but not of the nuances about what is being detoxified. We have been exposed to contaminated vaccines, water and air pollution, industrial wastes and chemtrails, toxic levels of mercury and aluminum, electromagnetic intrusions and nuclear radioactivity, mold, parasites, illnesses and dangerous treatments, fear and traumatic incidents, as well as emotional and mental stress and indoctrination. Each cause requires a specific response and this webinar series is partly about taking into account the myriad of aggravating factors and setting priorities along with logical approaches for each situation.  It is assumed that those taking this webinar will already have taken the webinars on Oral Health, Mold Remediation and Treatment, and Parasite Cleansing. Those who missed the live presentation can study the archived material.

Webinar 1 - Preparing the Eliminatory Channels

The body has numerous organs of elimination, the primary ones being the lower intestines and kidneys, but there are what we might term secondary ways for the body to rid itself of waste materials.  These include the skin, respiratory system, sweat glands, sinuses, and even the tear ducts.  Since many toxins are in the body because of failure to eliminate them, proper detoxification begins with quite a lot of preparation.  This averts the risk that toxins will be mobilized and then reabsorbed, perhaps into a different organ than previously but nevertheless not actually eliminated.  Because this is an important step, there will be a long gap between webinars so as to allow participants to practice on themselves, family members, and friends.  It is recommended that participants also consider taking the two webinars dealing with Radiation and Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Live Webinar Date: 9 May 2020, 10:30 am PDT

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Webinar 2 - Blood Purification

This webinar is devoted to perfection of the plasma.  There is a sequence to cleansing and regeneration and it begins in the plasma.  Besides nutrients from our food, herbs, and supplements, plasma often has toxins from a variety of sources, basically everything from contaminants and pollutants to synthetic substances and pharmaceuticals, to mold, parasites, metals, and free radicals.  Because most participants are taking these webinars so as to apply the information to themselves, there will be another long gap between this webinar and the next.

Live Webinar Date: 8 August 2020, 10:30 am PDT

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Webinar 3 - Kidney Cleansing

The kidneys perform numerous important functions.  Besides filtering liquids for removal, they recycle vital trace minerals and contribute to our harmony. They are affected by the adrenals and hence quake under stress so it is wise to nourish the kidneys and recognize the role they play in supporting electrolyte and chemical balance.  Failure to give the kidneys the care needed can lead to chronic and even life-threatening conditions. The foods and herbs that nourish the kidneys will be addressed along with how to avoid diabetes and high blood pressure.

Live Webinar Date: 9 January 2021, 10:30 am PST

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Webinar 4 - Lung Detoxification

Very few people think of lung detoxification but we breathe polluted air and use the lungs both to inhale and exhale.  On the journey through the body, the red blood cells deliver nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues of the body, but they are not making the return trip without cargo.  They collect carbon dioxide and toxins and dump them in the lungs.  In short, the lungs are getting a workout from the inside out and outside in and they need periodic care in order to remain efficient. Measures to keep the lungs clean and strong will be presented in this webinar.

Live Webinar Date: 6 February 2021, 10:30 am PDT

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