The Fire Element: Anger or Action?

Everyone has Mars somewhere in the horoscope and everyone can potentially feel very strongly about certain matters, not just personal offenses or injustices but perhaps broader social or political causes.  If we dig deeply enough, we will discover where we are willing to take a stand and assume whatever risks there might be in taking that stand.  The question is how do we manage the feelings we have about sleights, inequities and imbalances, or simply not getting our way when opinions differ?  It can easily be seen that our society as a whole has failed to manage anger, violence, inappropriate sexual behavior, competition, and the risks associated with excessive greed, lust, and ego.  This webinar is about learning to understand and appreciate skillful use of fire so that energies when unleashed support not just attainment of goals but improvement of circumstances for all concerned.  In short, it is about reconnecting with sacred fire through purification of motives and actions.

Webinar 1 - Fire and Initiative

Ultimately, fire is the element governing progress.  As such, it must set goals and overcome inertia.  These are both its strengths and weaknesses.  Setting goals means living in the realm of possibilities that not everyone can envision. It means placing more value on what might be than what is, and most of its goals are achieved by teamwork as well as taking risks, and sometimes suffering the consequences of upsetting the status quo. Fire thrives on excitement, depends on loyalty, and accomplishes its goals through effort.

Live Webinar Date: 19 July 2020, 10:30 am PDT

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Webinar 2 - The Cauldron of Purification

Fire is not patient.  It is also biased, but every element is unique so from the perspective of fire, the other elements are also biased. Being futuristic means being visionary and often also without precedents. Learning to achieve objectives that are righteous is an important lesson for fire that depends on purification of the motives for action.  Using strategies that are harmless is another important lesson and often one that depends on the capacity to inspire and lead. Hidden in the turbulence of fire, there is the potential for nobility, transcendence, and perfection.  The challenge to create a better world without harming a single soul

Live Webinar Date: 26 July 2020, 10:30 am PDT

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