The Astrology of Healing - Level 3 - Year 5

Lunar Consciousness

Level Three is both psychological and metaphysical.  Much of Year 5 is devoted to understanding the role of the Moon in the horoscope.  This is where patterns that operate below the threshold of consciousness exert their influence on the unique interests, habits, and issues affecting all living creatures.

This year is the equivalent of the first year of a doctoral program.  It is heavily psychological and takes up the issues of the inner child, memory, past lives, karma, and what is sometimes called the Dweller on the Threshold but referred to in this course as Miasms of the Moon.

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The Astrology of Healing - Level Three - Year 6

The last year of formal studies is focused mainly on Astroendocrinology, which was actually the part of the system of Astrology of Healing.  The endocrine glands have a direct relationship to the chakras as well as to the functioning of the body. Whether dealing with the anchoring of Spirit in Matter or the inspiration that stimulates creativity, the plan for each incarnational journey is organized before incarnating and the horoscope is a map of that plan.  There are many details to understand before correct interpretations are possible.

This course requires a dissertation.  The subject matter can relate to psychology or spirituality.  The content must exhibit understanding of patterns.  The seventh year is devoted largely to the writing of this opus.  The fee for overseeing and guiding the process is $1500.  The dissertation must be peer-reviewed and defended.  The intellectual property belongs to the author, but credit must be given to the committee working with the candidate.  Successful candidates will be listed on the IIE Academy website.

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