The Astrology of Healing - Level Two - Year 3

Lunar Consciousness

Level Two can be broadly termed "astropharmacology"; it is essentially an expansion of the role of the elements in health. The third year is mainly about food in relationship to constitutional balance.  There are eight lessons in this year and they overlap considerably with the material presented in Kitchen Doctor.

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The Astrology of Healing - Level Two - Year 4

Astropharmacology continues where taste and the elements leaves off.  Medicinal herbs, herbal formulation, and astrological associations with herbs are studied from a historical and modern perspective.

There is homework with each lesson and a thesis at the end.  The thesis should be 80-120 pages and there will be extensive mentoring and assistance with organizing the study. The student will own the copyrights, but the paper can be published on the Academy website.  If sold, the student would receive royalty payments.  The cost of working with the student on this project is $750, part of which might be recoverable if the thesis is published.

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