Radiation and EMF

We live in perilous times. We are exposed day in and day out to countless types of electromagnetic frequencies, some of which effect critical biological processes.  Recognizing the sources, prevalence, and harmfulness is the first step towards sensible protective measures, some of which are not too demanding whereas others may require major life style adjustments on the part of those who are most vulnerable and at risk.

In addition to EMF interferences, we are also exposed to nuclear fallout from high altitude testing down decades ago as well as to emissions from nuclear power plants and consequences of nuclear disasters of which the one in Fukushima is merely the most serious thus far. There is a domino effect in that emissions and explosions create airborne particulates that be inhaled and later ingested both from plant and animal sources used for nutrition.

On top of this, radiation is used in medical procedures and it is not safe at any level.

Webinar 1 - EMF

There are many sources of EMF pollution, everything from dirty electricity to Wi-Fi to highly sophisticated and no doubt dangerous installations such as HAARP and CERN. In the context of what individuals can and cannot control, the starting point is usually the home. There are testing devices that can be used to identify hot spots and reduce exposure. There are also ways measures one can take to handle mobile devices in a safer manner.  Some level of exposure is probably unavoidable but the pulsing type of frequencies are more egregious than those that are less erratic. There are some ways to strengthen resistance and tolerance but avoidance may be necessary for highly sensitive individuals.

While waiting for the seminar to begin, some people may want to visit the section of the main site that takes up the subject of EMF.

Live Webinar Date: 2025

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Webinar 2- Gamma Radiation

Gamma radiation is used in medical procedures both for diagnostic and treatment purposes. It is comprised of photons, a type of light, and is penetrating, meaning that it can perforate nearly anything except a very thick shield.  Gamma radiation is ubiquitous in the sense that there are natural sources as well as accidental and intentional sources of exposure. None can possibly be healthy, but at certain levels, exposure can be fatal. Up to a point, there are certain foods and herbs that are deemed radioprotective. Using these prior to exposure may reduce and sometimes even eliminate risks. Using herbs after exposure helps to restore tissues that have been damaged as well as to support repair of DNA.  Just as it is difficult to measure the exact extent of damage, it is also difficult to estimate the extent of recovery after exposure, but taking protective measures makes sense!

Live Webinar Date:  2025

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Webinar 3 - Alpha and Beta Radiation

Alpha and beta radiation are due to radioactive decay that causes particles to be released.  Use of nuclear weapons and nuclear power are sources of these dangerous particles.  Alpha radiation is not penetrating.  It does not even pass through a piece of paper, but it is dangerous if it gets inside the body due to inhalation, ingestion, or exposure of an open wound to contaminants. Beta radiation is lighter and faster moving than alpha radiation so it more penetrating than alpha but not nearly as perforating as gamma radiation which is composed of photons, not particulates. All forms have different rates of decay and all pose slightly different hazards. Being careful is the first protective step one can take, and using herbs and alchemical substances can also reduce risks.

Live Webinar Date:  2025

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